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Consultation in my office, by phone or online

You need an explanation of a complex construction issue for you. You want to know what to do with your old house. You have cracks in the wall of the building. According to you, your builder did not perform the quality of the concrete. You want to build a house, but you have not bought the building plot and you are not familiar with the procedures. Etc., etc.… I can give you an explanation or advice and share my experience from similar cases related to construction.

>>> What to bring during the consultation and/or the inspection?​


Inspection and consultation when choosing a building plot

The slope of the terrain, the type of soil, the climate in the area (amount of snowfall, wind force, danger of earthquake), urban planning norms, the actual state of the infrastructure are decisive for the cost of construction. That is why it is important to consult you before you buy the plot.

>>> What to bring during the consultation and/or the inspection?​


Inspection and consultation when choosing a house to buy

A house is not always what it looks like and can not always easily become what you imagine. Before deciding whether to buy it, it is good to check what the condition of the structure is and whether it can be quickly and cheaply rebuilt in the way you intended.

>>> What to bring during the consultation and/or the inspection?​


Preparation of a conceptual design with a bill of quantities and estimated budget

You have already chosen a specific plot or a specific house. This service allows you to not just imagine what the property can become. I create a 3D visualization of your idea for a new house or reconstruction of the existing one. I calculate the quantities of materials and works that will be needed for the construction and provide you with estimated prices. You can use this conceptual design to collect construction offers from various contractors and to make a preliminary financial plan.

>>> What is needed for preparation of conceptual design with BoQ and estimated budget?​


Preparation of a design for construction permit

In order for the municipality to allow the construction or reconstruction of a house, it is necessary to prepare and present to it an investment design in all parts (architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, etc.). For this purpose I form a team of proven professionals and lead it. If you wish, we can move the documentation for you in the municipality and in other necessary authorities.


Assistance in connection with the preparation and/or completion of a design

Already selected specific designers and want to be able to check their work? I can be your trusted technical person and help you with advice when ordering a design and/or check it when it is completed.


Control during the implementation of construction, installation and repair activities

You do not need to understand construction to be able to control the construction or renovation of your house. I or a professional from my team will control the implementation of each stage of the work so as to meet modern quality requirements – 10 years warranty for construction and 5 years for finishing work.


Author’s supervision of a design

When we prepare a design for construction or reconstruction, the designers visit the site and control the quality of the technical implementation, i.e. we carry out author’s supervision. This is especially important for the structure, as its details most often remain hidden after the completion of construction and finishing works.


Implementation of construction, installation and repair activities

Design and complete implementation of all necessary activities on steel, wooden structures or earthquake retrofit using good and trusted specialists under my guidance.