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Eng. Marin Guergov

I have been a civil engineer since 1989 and have been practising ever since. Until 2014, I worked mainly on large projects, steel structures, anti-seismic construction and retrofits, various projects with international participation.

From 2015 I started to deal purposefully with repairs (reconstructions) of houses and condominiums, for many reasons. I like them because of their intricacy and complexity of the problems, but also because of the human communication and customer satisfaction. The designs and implementation of larger industrial and public buildings are commissioned by corporations and institutions. Repairs and renovations of small buildings are ordered by people. They involve many challenges, even for the most experienced professionals.

I am from Sofia, I have always lived here and I love my city. I have a hobby – the history of Sofia, especially architecture and construction. When I walk the streets, I look at the buildings. Some of them are already more than 100 years old. Although I’ve lived here for decades, I always find things I haven’t noticed before. Some things I see, I like very much, others – not at all.

I want to make the city I live in more and more beautiful, comfortable, safe and clean. And in general the places where people live. To achieve this, everything is important: beauty, strength, electricity and water supply, landscaping, paving of sidewalks and streets, maintaining cleanliness, providing transport and much more … Every detail needs care – from the idea to the beginning of use and throughout the life of the buildings. This is what I strive to achieve in my work.

I started my career in the design organization „Metalproekt” and steel structures are my specialization. In recent years, I have designed a lot with wood, using my experience with American-type wooden structures.

In my work I use modern programs for calculation and modelling such as SAP2000, ETABS, Revit, Advance Steel, Design Expert, Calcpad. For small and simple projects I have procedures for simple and fast calculations „by hand”.

Who do i work with

I have worked with these people and companies through my active independent work as a designer and I recommend them as good professionals.

Designers and design companies

  • eng. Vassil Karagiozov
  • eng. Svetoslav Aldimirov
  • eng. Vetsislav Irmanov
  • arch. Ivo Stratev
  • EQE Bulgaria AD
  • eng. Kiril MIhaylov
  • eng. Maria Nikolova
  • BATES Bulgaria EOOD
  • eng. Nadejda Ganeva
  • arch. Dessislava Kuzmova
  • eng. Maya Pranchova
  • eng. Dessislava Valcheva
  • eng. Bogdana Nikolova
  • eng. Irena Koleva
  • arch. Iskra Toneva
  • arch. Radosvet Markov
  • eng. Kristina Marinkova
  • eng. Milko Naidenov
  • arch. Mariana Vamporova
  • Planning EOOD
  • Net Engineering EOOD
  • arch. Rossina Shatarova
  • arch. Teodor Uzunov


  • Diada Engineering OOD
  • Terna AD
  • Arm Build Invest EOOD
  • Liunik EOOD
  • Korekt EOOD
  • Bulstraight OOD

Construction Portfolio