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The Mall – a.k.a. Hermes Park – design of steel structures


Design of steel structures, on-site design

The task was to design all main steel structures of The Mall complex – cinemas, food court, skylights, lifts, and sheds for underground parking. Most of the structures are still visible with the exception of the cinemas. The hardest part of the task was to ensure the overall stability of the cinemas’ steel structures (roof and intermediate service floors).


Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006-2007



Ilian Iliev

RC structures:

eng. Kiril Mihaylov

General Contractor:


Photo gallery
Cinema steel structures – general view
Cinema steel structures – Vertical braces are foreseen in both directions,
Intermediate floor with installed steel sheets and shear connectors for connection to the RC slab
Skylight (at the left) and cinema steel structures (at the background)
Food court steel structure – partially installed For this part of the task the architect was very active in finding a nice looking structure.
Food court steel structure – fully installed roof
Food court steel structure - finished The stabilizing braces in longitudinal direction are seen.
Open lift and food court steel structure - finished All structures for the lifts were coordinated with the colleagues from KONE and Alex-EA.
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